The Body 2

1.beak/ conk/ snoot/ hooter [鼻:nose]

“Look at the size of his conk.”



2.thick ear [耳が腫れあがるほど、ぶん殴る]

“I`ll give you a thick ear if you say that again.”



3.gob/ mush/ trap/ hole [口:mouth]

“Shut your trap!”



4.skinny [痩せている:to be thin]

“Linda`s so skinny there days.”



5.crap/ dump pooh/ number twos [大便:defecate]

“Oh! I need a dump badly!”



  1. loo/ lav bog/ john [トイレ:toilet]

“The bogs here are disgusting.”



7.squits/ runs/ shits/ trots [下痢:diarrhoea]

“Agah! I`ve got the shits again.”



8.spend a penny/ pee/ piss/ take a leak/ slash/ widdle/ number ones [排尿する:urinate]

“Ooh! I need to take a leak.”



9.belly button [へそ:navel]

“Where does that fluff in my belly button come from?”



10.butcher`s/ gander/ shufti [一瞥]

“Let`s have a butcher`s



11.whiff [匂い]

“Can you whiff that?”



12.puke/ vom/ chuck/ chunder [吐く:vomit]

“Someone`s puked on the carpet!”






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