The Body

1.noddle/ nut/ block/ bonce/ loaf [頭:head]

“I`ll knock your block off!”



“It`s easy. Use your loaf.”



2.belly/ tummy [腹部:stomach area]

“My belly is getting bigger and bigger!”



3.fatso/ fatty [デブ:fat]

“You`ve become a bit of a fatso lately.”

(あなた最近、ちょっとデブってきてるわよ。) the buff/ starkers [裸:naked/ nude]

“Did you see him? He was completely starkers!”



5.knockers/ boobs/ jugs/ melons/ bristols/ tits [胸:breasts]

“She`s got a nice pair of jugs.”



6.mug [顔:face]

“He`s got such an ugly mug!”



7.earhole [小言、説教]

“The teacher gave me such an earholing this morning.”


8.balls/ bollocks/ nuts/ knackers [睾丸:testicles/ 「くそっ」などの感嘆]

“The ball hit me in the nuts.”



Bollocks! I`ve made the same mistake again.”



9.pins/ pegs [足:legs]

“Steve`s not so steady on his pins as he used to be.”



10.bum/ arse/ backside/ rear [お尻:bottom]

“He fell arse over tit.”



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